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Joint Face Detection and Alignment Using Multitask Cascaded Convolutional Networks.. Zhang, Kaipeng 739
Deep Learning Face Representation from Predicting 10000 Classes Yi Sun 530
基于深度卷积神经网络的CT图像肝脏肿瘤分割方法研究 李雯 301
Bag of visual words and fusion methods for action recognition: Comprehensive study.. Peng, Xiaojiang 250
基于深度学习的快速物体分割和检测方法研究 徐宵 239
A Discriminative Feature Learning Approach for Deep Face Recognition Yandong Wen 185
基于Spark的移动恶意软件检测技术与应用 蔡芷铃 169
Deep Face Attributes Recognition Using Spatial Transformer Network Tan Lianzhi 113
Geometric Reinforcement Learning for Path Planning of UAVs Zhang Baochang 107
A Novel Aluminum-Graphite Dual-Ion Battery Zhang, Xiaolong 103
Carbon-Coated Porous Aluminum Foil Anode for High-Rate, Long-Term Cycling Stabilit.. X.F. Tong 97
Radio Signal Based Device-free Velocity Recognition Mingwei Dai 86
基于氢键自修复的双网结构水凝胶的制备及性能研究 龚征宇 85
钓鱼网站检测方法及技术研究 张巍 78
快速扫描太赫兹时域光谱系统及角膜组织的太赫兹检测研究 刘文权 74
基于人体运动预测的外骨骼机器人控制算法研究 汪敏 73
针对全同态加密算法的硬件木马防御方案 谢宏峰 70
新型智能医疗内窥镜关键技术研究 海媛 68
基于深度学习的人脸属性识别方法研究 谭莲芝 68
Laplacian Auto-Encoders: An explicit learning of nonlinear data manifold Jia Kui 67
Structured-light based sensing using a single fixed fringe grating: Fring.. Jun Cheng 66
康复用下肢外骨骼系统仿生步态规划方法研究 张邵敏 61
大数据分析引擎性能自动优化关键技术研究 贝振东 61
基于CUDA的三维锥束CT重建算法加速技术研究 范忠银 60
虚拟机安全保障关键技术研究 唐宏伟 60
A Dual-Ion Battery Constructed with Aluminum Foil Anode and Mesocarbon Microbead C.. F. Zhang 57
Deep Contextual Networks for Neuronal Structure Segmentation Hao Chen 56
无袖带血压测量技术的研究与应用设计 何青云 55
基于随机森林的CT图像肝脏鲁棒定位研究 龚本伟 54
Black Phosphorus Based Photocathodes in Wideband Bifacial Dye-Sensitized Solar Cel.. Ying Yang 53
Collaborative Spectrum Trading and Sharing for Cognitive Radio Networks Xuanheng Li 51
基于运动想象脑电信号特征分析与识别的脑-机接口研究 梁爽 50
基因组重复元件检测算法及其分类策略研究 葛瑞泉 50
Semantic preserving distance metric learning and applications Jun Yua 48
基于平面波发射的高帧频超声成像波束算法及探头改进研究 郭宁 48
基于PostgreSQL和Spark的可扩展大数据分析平台 程敏 48
基于多级神经网络的物体识别和姿态估计研究 曾伟 47
Reduced graphene oxide as ink materials for the high performance flexible and wear.. Haibo Su 44
Cancer cell membrance-functionalized nanoparticles for homotypic-targeted cancer i.. Mingbin Zheng 44
肿瘤细胞免疫治疗行业发展概况 陈艳萍 44
SZTS: A Novel Big Data Transportation System Benchmark Suite Wen Xiong 43
公共交通客流时空特征分析及预测系统 苏晓明 43
Five-year follow-up study of a kidney-tonifying herbal Fufang for prevention of po.. Wei-min Deng 42
超声引导的斑马鱼定位系统设计与开发 周冬良 42
基于EEG和fMRI的持续性肌肉痛及相关安慰剂镇痛机制研究 李琳玲 42
Adaptive total variation denoising based on difference curvature Qiang Chen 41
An optimal slicing strategy for SDN based smart home network Wang, Shiwei 41
A Distance and Density-based Clustering Algorithm using Automatic Peak Detection Rong Zhou 41
大数据系统基准测试和性能优化关键技术研究 熊文 41
Efficient Visibility Analysis for Massive Observers Wentao Wang 40
基于稀疏采样的冠状动脉血管壁磁共振成像 陈中舟 40
多标记学习算法研究及在生物医学数据挖掘中的应用 王普 40
CT系统中几何参数的标定方法;装置及标定体模 胡战利 39
The Design of Integrated Circuitfor Biomedical and mHealth Application Yayu Cheng and Ye Li* 38
Application of Deep Learning in Bionic Eye Monitoring System ZHUANG Zhuangwei 38
图像去雾与增强技术 朱细妹 38
基于混成系统可达性计算的电力系统动态安全性分析方法研究 吴强 38
Study on Cerebral Tumor Growth from Magnetic Resonance Images AHMED ABAS MOHAMMED IBRAHIM EL AZAB 37
Activation of the dopaminergic pathway from VTA to the medial olfactory tubercle g.. Zhijian Zhang 37
船用低温蒸馏海水淡化装置设计分析 冯东东 36
Manifold Ranking-Based Matrix Factorization for Saliency Detection Dapeng Tao 35
Ultrasound Speckle Reduction via L0 Minimization Lei Zhu 35
ACC两类中间神经元在观察性恐惧习得中的作用 周春然 35
开源机器人操作系统——ROS 张建伟 34
类风湿性关节炎免疫发病机制的研究进展 王绍文 34
具有促成骨活性的PLGA/TCP/Mg复合多孔支架修复骨缺损研究 李烨 34
肉毒毒素A对脊髓小胶质细胞的作用 阳琼芳 34
Analysis and Comparison of the IEEE 802.15.4 and 802.15.6 Wireless Standards Based.. Renwei Huang 33
基于语音与肌电信息融合的多功能假肢控制系统的设计与实现 魏征 33
Automatic Security Enhancement ofCrypto ICs against Fault Injection Attacks Cuiping Shao 33
Performance Modeling for Spark Using SVM Ni Luo 33
Nonlocal Total Variation-based Speckle Filtering for Ultrasound Images Tiexiang Wen 33
Programmable manipulation of microbubbles in microfluidic systems with surface aco.. Meng, Long 32
规则多孔金属材料力学性能及其制备工艺的研究 党晓兵 32
Fibrous Epoxy Substrate with High Thermal Conductivity and Low Dielectric Property.. Zeng, Xiaoliang 32
Dynamic Blood Pressure Measurement by a Cuff-less Approach Based on Pulse Arrival .. Carmen C. Y. Poon 31
Multiview Hessian discriminative sparse coding for image annotation Liu Weifeng 31
植物发酵液(酵素)对小鼠免疫功能的影响 刘春花 31
Nano- and microsize effect of CCTO fillers on the dielectric behavior of CCTO/PVDF.. Wenhu Yang 30
An efficient runtime power allocation scheme for many-core systems inspired from a.. Wang Xiaohang 30
On random hyper-class random forest for visual classification Teng Li 30
A 470 nA Performance-Enhanced Instrumental Amplifier for Bio-Signal Acquisition Hao Zhang 30
A self-powered brain multi-perception receptor for sensory-substitution applicatio.. Yongming Fu 30
Loss effects on adhesively-bonded multilayer ultrasonic transducers by self-heatin.. Zhengbin Wu 29
Trajectory Pattern Mining : Methods and Applications Huang, Xin 29
Experimental Investigation on the Liquid Distributor Performance for the Falling F.. Dong Dong Feng 29
Analytucal solutions for passive source positioning and geometric dilution of pre.. Xiaoyun Li 29
基于HPC云服务的位置服务作业调度策略及其应用 aftab ahmed chandio 29
基于近场非标准点光源的光度学三维重建问题研究 聂颖 29
超声刺激系统 钱明 29
EEG Detection Method Based on Wavelet Transform and SVM Chun Chen 29
Machine Learning Based Coding Unit Depth Decisions for Flexible Complexity Allocat.. Yun Zhang 28
An Efficient Dispatch and Decision-making Model for Taxi-booking Service Cheng Qiao 28
High permittivity and low loss solution-casting dielectric composite with molybden.. Shanjun Ding 28
无线传感器网络面向低功耗的mac协议及跨层优化研究 董楚楚 28
Multi-objective Parameters Optimization of Electric Assist Control Strategy for Pa.. Jingyu Yan 27
A Novel Battery Charger for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles Liangrong Wang 27
Hybrid random forests: Advantages of mixed trees in classifying text data Baoxun Xu 27
An efficient network reprogramming protocol for wireless sensor networks Dong Chuchu 27
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可穿戴技术:全知既全能 王磊 7
基于多模态信息融合的人体动作识别方法研究 赵青松 2
Coaxial-printed small-diameter polyelectrolyte-based tubes with an electrostatic s.. Zhiwen Zeng 2
Multi topic distribution model for topic discovery in twitter Zheng Lei 1
基于地磁传感器网络的道路交通信息采集技术研究 朱红梅 1
利用波前调制技术提升光透明样品的双光子成像分辨率 高玉峰 1
本能恐惧的神经环路调控机制研究 周政 1
Research on Obstacle Avoidance Path Planning Algorithm for Six-axis Robot Shanshan Jiang 1
采用SG平滑滤波的Stewart平台主从控制研究 郭云鹏 1
Classification of Genetically Identical Left and Right Irises Using a Convolutiona.. Beihua Fang 1
粤港澳大湾区土地利用及生态系统服务价值的变化——以广佛肇为例 肖红克 1
3D Printing of Mechanically Stable Calcium-Free AlginateBased Scaffolds with Tunab.. Lin, Zifeng 1
ROS self-generation and hypoxia self-enhanced biodegradable magnetic nanotheranost.. Jinghua Li 1
基于嵌入式的行人检测;追踪及统计系统的研发 叶琦 1
烟酰胺单核苷酸通过NAD+代谢通路上调SIRT3抵抗D-半乳糖诱导的HT22细胞衰老 陈舒然 1
聚合物材料微观形态与界面热阻的分子模拟研究 冉小能 1
同轴打印高强度明胶基复合水凝胶小口径类血管结构支架的研究 梁青飞 1
铜/碳纳米材料的制备及其在电子封装领域中的应用研究 叶晃青 1
基于合成生物学策略的酶蛋白元件规模化挖掘 张建志 1
Structural modularity of the XIST ribonucleoprotein complex Zhipeng Lu 1
Towards accurate estimation of cuffless and continuous blood pressure using multi-.. Wan-Hua Lin 1
Defect Detection of using variant CNN in the processing of cover glass, touch scre.. Xiangying Wei# 1
An Affective Learning-based System for Diagnosis and Personalized Management of Di.. Omisore Olatunji Mumini 1
Discovering the Graph-based Flow Patterns of Car Tourists Using License Plate Data.. Bing He 1
Online Learning-Based Multi-Stage Complexity Control for Live Video Coding Huang, Chao 1
两种多时相遥感地表温度正规化处理方法对比分析 闫李月 1
基于深度学习的网络流时空特征自动提取方法 黄璇丽 1
基于机器学习的动态分区并行文件系统性能优化 吴嘉澍 1
Natural-Killer-Cell-Inspired Nanorobots with Aggregation-Induced Emission Characte.. Guanjun Deng 1
Strontium modulates osteogenic activity of bone cement composed of bioactive boros.. Xu Cui 1
LIM domain proteins Pinch1/2 regulate chondrogenesis and bone mass in mice Lei, Yiming 1
基于深度循环神经网络的协作机器人动力学误差补偿 徐征 1
基于模糊自适应和优化阻抗的双机器人力/位主从协同控制方法 曹学鹏 1
Steel pipe counting system based on image recognition Yuxin Jia 1
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可穿戴技术:全知既全能 王磊 2